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How the determination of one Building Surveyor created a successful agency

Our business began as a husband and wife team in 1994 when the privatisation of building permits was introduced in Victoria. We work throughout Victoria, including Melbourne, bayside and regional areas.The business got moving with a lot of hard work and literally going door to door, informing people of the changes in legislation (that they no longer had to get building permits issued by local council) and building up a client base from the ground up.

We were determined from the outset to not be just another Building Surveyor business that stamps plans and inspects sites. Building Surveying and building permits are the foundation of what we do but it is only one small part of our total service commitment.

Being part of a successful building project is immensely satisfying and our team gets particular pleasure from:

  • assisting commercial projects to get completed on time
  • working with other building professionals to increase the value of their services
  • helping owner builders with direction on correct processes

Working with a strong team focus

KWA has a strong united team with a focus on:

  • being fair and consistent in decision making
  • a personal approach
  • consistent Regulation interpretation
  • the most economical compliance in mind
  • having at least one Building Surveyor in attendance in the office to answer technical enquiries throughout the day so that all projects run smoothly
  • providing additional services to assist all parties throughout the whole process

There are so many Regulations that affect all types of projects and it is impossible for a designer, builder or owner to know them all or even where to access the regulations. This is why our service is valuable at any stage of the project.