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Ken Weir

Ken Weir

Director Qualified and registered Building Surveyor/Building Inspector Building Surveying is a tough profession to obtain qualification but being qualified is not enough for Building Surveyors in this litigious industry. Continuing professional development and our quality assurance within KWA is what separates us from so many of our competitors. I am proud to say we have … Read More

Paul Roberts

Qualified and registered Building Inspector I enjoy working within the team at KWA because of the strong collaborative team spirit. Each employee brings their own skills, qualifications and experience. The collective knowledge and experience of our team of Building Surveyors increases my professional development and contributes to job satisfaction. Being a carpenter for over 20 … Read More

Vanessa Weir

Administration I enjoy being part of the team at KWA because we all work well together. Each person has their specific job to do within the team to make sure the whole outfit runs smoothly and efficiently. I like being able to do a broad spectrum of work within the business, with new information being … Read More

Anne Golby

Administration We all work well as a team and have a responsibility to seeing our work is of the highest standard. We work towards helping each other and building a stronger service. I enjoy helping people get the right advice about building their new project. Obtaining Building Permits is work for registered builders, this is … Read More


Karen Featherstone

Administration A successful team is one that works well together and respects and supports each other to provide a professional and efficient service. I am proud to be part of that team here at KWA. The wealth of experience and knowledge our team of Building Surveyors and Inspectors has is second to none and paramount … Read More