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If you are designing a project or a project is currently going through the planning system in the MPSC please obtain current property information from the Building Office in relation to flood prone and designated land or works i.e. Building Regulations 802 and 806.

Recently the MPSC has expanded the designated areas significantly and have also increased the flood levels which impact of course on your finished floor level and subsequent height of the building etc.

In most cases a Report and Consent from the council building office is required as the Town Planning process may not address this issue.

Do not think because you are on high ground you will be exempt, we recently issued a Building Permit for a project in Arthurs Seat with a finished floor level of 253mAHD.  I am not joking, this project still had to obtain a Report and Consent in addition to the Town Planning Permit all of which take time. 

GOOD NEWS         

Requesting a fee proposal can now be submitted though our website simply click on the tab “request a fee proposal” on left hand side, complete details, attach plans and submit.

Electronic applications can be submitted through login on our website, plans up to and including A0 size can be accepted.

Application form can now be signed with an electronic signature and then submit to KWA.