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Construction Permit

Stay ahead of your timelines with the best building and construction permit experts around

Building a house, commercial property or major development is complicated enough. You want to do anything possible to reduce your stress and streamline the process. Working with a Building Surveying service such as KWA puts someone in the know well and truly on your side.

The most daunting aspect of any building project is undoubtedly the rules, regulations and legislation. These things aren’t fun – the way that design is. And they are not concrete, visible and easy to grasp – the way that the actual building process it. These aspects to building are convoluted, complicated and can be almost impossible to work out unless you are an industry expert.

So no matter what your project is, make the choice to share the more taxing and administrative parts (okay, yes, the boring parts) with a qualified and helpful building and construction permit service that knows every aspect of Building Surveying – inside and out.

Building Surveyors do more than just issue building and construction permits

Read here about the range of professional services that KWA can assist you with, no matter what you are building or planning. For your convenience, our expertise is grouped into three main categories. But please contact us with any building, construction permit or Building Surveying related enquiry.

For developers and builders

If you are a developer or builder we have tailored part of our Building Surveying service to assist you in getting your permits and inspections secured fast and in time with your deadlines. Please read more about what we offer developers and builders or contact us straight away if your project is about to begin and you need to expedite the permit and inspection process.

For architects, draftpersons and building designers

Learn how Building Surveying expertise can add immense value to your architectural or design services. The advantage of including a Building Surveying service consultation as part of your fee proposal or plans you give your clients extra speed, security and peace of mind when it comes to your designs. Give yourself a competitive edge and contact us today.

For owner builders

If you feel like you need an interpreter between you and the world of building legislation, architects, draftpersons, builders and their technical languages – a Building Surveyor is your best port of call. We love seeing people take their dream homes from a thought to a concrete reality, but we know how daunting some of the rules and regulations can be. That’s why we devised a Top Ten Tips checklist specifically for owner builders.