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Access Appraisals On Designs

Do your designs incorporate thorough access appraisals?

Did you know that the owner of a property is liable for claims under the Disability Discrimination Act? This means that claims can be made against them from any person with a disability who feels discriminated against in terms of access during the life of the building.

So if you are not including access appraisals in your quotes and plans you are doing your clients a great disservice.

Stay one step ahead of commercial building inspections

Commercial building inspections are one way in which inadequate disability access may come to light before a claim is made. However, discovering inadequacies once a building is constructed is not much use. It could cost your client thousands of dollars to address access issues at this stage.

It makes much more sense to build adequate access into your design plans.

But I already comply with building regulations

The definition of disability is broad. Complying with building regulations is generally insufficient protection. Building regulations will cover an owner from about 60 – 65% of claims.

An appraisal from a qualified access appraisal Building Surveyor will increase this to 80-85%.

It is impossible for a design to cover 100% due to the broad and varied disabilities.

It is not mandatory to have an access appraisal done but it can reduce risk enormously and so protect your client and save them crucial time, stress and money.

KWA is qualified to carry out access appraisals

Contact us today for pre-design advice so that your quote, drawings and plans take access fully into account. This may safeguard your client’s building from future commercial building inspections and potential disability discrimination claims.

And it gives your professional service a significant advantage that will set you apart from most other architects, draftpersons or building designers.