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Don’t leave your domestic or commercial building permit to chance

Time is money. Building developments take long enough without the extra hassle of unnecessary work stops, delays and regulatory problems. Getting your domestic or commercial building permit sorted out requires a lot of specific industry knowledge and expertise. Getting it right means your project starts on time and (hopefully) completes on time. Getting it wrong can mean costly delays and major losses.

Include a Building Surveyor in your team from the very beginning

You are most likely dealing with a number of different parties and agendas. Contractors, local government, legislative and regulatory issues, investors to name just a few.

And before you can start anything you need a domestic or commercial building permit. And for that you require a Building Surveyor. Don’t make the mistake of looking at the Building Surveyor simply as the ‘rubber stamp’ or last minute choice.

Not only is a qualified, experienced Building Surveyor the only professional who knows what is involved in obtaining a building permit. A good Building Surveyor is also your first port of call for any questions about building rules and regulations, all the way through from concept to completion.

Get the project completed on time

This is the bottom line. More than any other professional on your team, it is the Building Surveyor who is a key to assisting you to bring the project in on time.. This is because it is the job of a Building Surveyor to circumvent problems. To alert you to potential issues. To make you aware of the regulations you need to follow and any exemptions or concessions you may be eligible for.

Find out what exemptions you may be eligible for

Unique buildings for unique purposes may be exempt from some regulations. Most architects, draftpersons. building designers and builders do not know the ins and outs of these.

Going ahead with plans without proper research by a Building Surveyor could mean one of two unfortunate things:

  1. Your project gets stopped at a crucial point because you have not complied with a mandatory regulation, permit or rule.
  2. You waste unnecessary time and money because you are unaware of any exemptions or concessions your project may be eligible for.

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