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Case Studies – Architects Designers

Architects and designers case study

The world of commercial building regulations is an ever changing environment. The best way to stay on top of regulations is to engage a building surveyor in the early phases of project and building design. Once design is completed and a project is at Town Planning phase, it may be too late to instigate significant cost saving measures.

An example of why KWA as a consultant is an asset to any design team in the early stages is highlighted in this recent case study.

Project completed within budget and fully compliant with commercial building regulations

The project was a proposed two storey office, showroom and workshop building.  The architect at preliminary design stage had engaged our services for a Building Regulation report.  The size of the project required the need for sprinkler installation under the current Building Regulations.

After further consultation with the architect some internal changes were made which then negated the need for the installation of the sprinklers and still complied with the current Building Regulations.

The cost saving meant that ultimately the project could proceed within budget.