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Case Studies – Builder Developers

Builder and Developer Case Study

You cannot afford to put a foot wrong when it comes to commercial building codes. Just as importantly – only a highly skilled expert will know exactly when, what and how you may be eligible for valuable exemptions.

All too often, the design is fully completed before a Building Surveyor is engaged. This means that the numerous cost saving ideas we can offer come too late and the extra expense has a significant impact on design.

Significant cost reduction achieved with design alterations that comply fully with commercial building codes

A large single storey hotel/motel complex is nearing completion.  The architect had used KWA for consultations at the preliminary design stage.

The size of the floor area triggered the need for the installation of sprinklers throughout, according to the Building Code of Australia. With a few changes to the internal design of the project not only did we get exemption NOT to install sprinklers but obtained this exemption by still complying with the current Building Regulations.

The client was afforded a substantial cost saving by using the services of KWA in this instance, with minimal alteration to the design at such an early stage.