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Case Studies – Owner Builder

Owner builder case study

Your Building Surveyor is in the best position to advise you about all aspects of building and construction permits. This is particularly relevant for owner builders when it comes to timelines. The following case study is an example of why you should always stay in contact with your Building Surveyor, particularly if you are unsure when to call for a building inspection.

Holes in the process lead to costly errors

Timber floor framing and flooring to a reasonable sized dwelling with minimal bearer clearance (limited access) had been completed without an inspection being called for.

A number of holes were cut into the flooring so that inspection could be carried out and despite the carpenter’s verbal guarantees on the quality of his own work the inspection was not approved.  It had revealed a number of locations where the joins in the bearers were not supported by stumps.

The cost and time wasted for the build also included framing of all the holes cut out in the flooring and of course the remedial works given the limited sub floor access.  A simple phone call prior to laying the flooring would have alleviated most of the expense (time and money).