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Ongoing Consultations

Why just use a Building Surveyor for building permit services when you can get so much more?

Think of a Building Surveyor and it may conjure up an image of a pencil pusher sitting behind a desk, issuing permits and getting lost in mountains of paper work. The truth is that good Building Surveyors are incredibly active, skilled and above all – hands on professionals.

An average week in the life of a KWA Building Surveyor may see them inspecting a site, going over architectural drawings, meeting with developers, arranging bushfire risk assessments and giving a client pre design advice.

Form an ongoing relationship with a building, site and structural expert

Once you are a client with KWA, we like to stick around and see how things pan out. This means that you have access to the particular (and some might say peculiar) expertise of some of the industry’s best Building Surveyors.

We are not a team of people who ‘inspect, issue and run’. Whatever questions, problems, hopes and challenges you face throughout your building project and beyond, we offer our ongoing advice and consultation.

Other areas where you might benefit from our services include:

  • Advising about the concessions and exemptions your commercial project may be eligible for
  • Fire, flood, termite and others
  • Renovating your house or dwelling

So whatever aspects of building regulations and legislation you need assistance with, please get in touch with us for friendly, down to earth help and advice.