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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions at all about your project, from building permit applications to inspections and planning permits, please Contact us.

A Building Permit deals with construction detail and compliance to regulations (Building, Fire, etc). A Planning Permit deals with aesthetics, type of building, distance from boundary, etc.
Building Permits are issued by Registered Building Surveyors in Victoria. KWA Building Permits and Inspections are Registered Building Surveyors.
Local Councils issue Planning Permits.
The cost varies dependant on the size and complexity of the project. Give us a ring for an obligation free fee proposal.
When we are satisfied that the building is fit to be occupied, complies with all regulations, and we have completed all our checks to ensure the construction complies with the requirements of the Building Permit, we then issue an Occupancy Permit.
A Building Surveyor will:

  • Identify restrictions that apply to your site
  • check the plans for compliance with current building regulations
  • issue the Building Permit
  • check on site the foundations, steel reinforcement (prior to pour), the framework, and carry out a final inspection
  • issue the Occupancy Permit and/or certificate of final inspection
A Building Surveyor deals with the building structure, building regulations and issues a building permit, where a land surveyor identifies the boundaries of the property, and measures contours.
Most definitely yes. Cost of works has no relevance to whether a building permit is required or not.
We will check your plans at design stage and advise of requirements and suggest modifications if necessary.
A Building Permit is required for all new construction, all alterations and repairs that are structural, and all alterations that change the use of a building. It is recommended to always check with a Building Surveyor first.
At the design stage, that way we can help you avoid costly mistakes.
A certificate of final inspection is issued for alterations or extensions to existing buildings that don’t need an occupancy permit. This will be on the building permit.