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Building Assessments

Get the building assessment experts on board to guarantee the quality of your building regulatory process.

Every professional venture requires years of training, expertise and knowledge earned through both failure and success. That’s why athletes have coaches, authors have editors, politicians have advisers and the building industry has Building Surveyors.

Your Building Surveyor is your professional building partner

Building is a highly regulated industry with complex and ever changing legislation. To keep on top of everything that you need to know in order to build would be almost impossible. At the very least it would require an exorbitant amount of time and research.

Building Surveyors know the landscape, rules and requirements. They can do everything from liaising with architects, builders and local government to sourcing essential documents, carrying out building assessments and advising about any structural issues that arise.

It’s time to de-bunk the three Building Surveyor myths

  1. All they do is issue you a building permit
    A good Building Surveyor is part of your team, right from the start. The earlier you get them on board, the better they will know your project and the fewer problems you will run into along the way. In fact, a Building Surveyor firm such as KWA see ourselves as your consultant, all the way through from first thoughts to walking in the front door.
  2. You can only find them in local government
    Building permits and  inspections were privatized in Victoria under The Building Act of 1993. You can appoint your own Builder Surveyor and you do not have to go through your local council at all. A Building Surveyor will liaise with council on your behalf about any documents, letters, site or building assessments you require.
  3. They are the enemy of owner builders
    It’s very simple. Building Surveyors want to help you get your building project built. They don’t want to stop or hinder this process. They want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible by making sure you are informed about rules and regulations every step of the way.

They can act as an interpreter between all the regulatory bodies, contractors and industry information you have to wade through. They have no vested interest in your property except to ensure it is safe to occupy and it complies with regulations.

Vet your Building Surveyor the way you would any professional

You only want to work with the very best. This is especially true because once you have appointed a Building Surveyor, you cannot change who you have appointed (unless you go through a lengthy process via the Building Commission). So make sure you are happy with your Building Surveyor, that they know the regulations inside and out and that you can imagine working with them for the duration of your project.