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Building Permit Requirements

You’re ready to build – are you fully aware of your building permit requirements?

Applying for a building permit sounds like a straightforward task. And, to a certain extent, it is. You decide whether to apply to a private Building Surveyor or to your local council  (yes, YOU decide, contrary to popular belief it is not compulsory to go through your council since building industry deregulation in 1994). Then you submit four copies of drawings, specifications and allotment plans, a completed application form and pay the appropriate fee.  (With KWA, we only require one set of documents for the initial assessment.)

Straightforward? Yes. Simple? Not always. Building permit requirements mean that drawings, specifications, allotment plans and even your application form can contain an untold number of complications You may have to submit a number of times. At KWA, we only occasionally do you need to resubmit. And even once your building permit is issued this doesn’t guarantee that your project will pass every stage of building inspection.

Building Surveyors are not your enemy

All of this may lead you to believe that the Building Surveyor who holds up either your permit or project is working against you.

This couldn’t be further from the truth

The mistake that many owner builders, developers and builders make is to get their Building Surveyors on board too late in the game. They assume that the role of the Building Surveyor is simply to rubber stamp the permit.

This is like assuming that a car salesman is the same as a mechanic.

Building Surveyors do not exist merely to ‘sell’ you a permit. Their real function is to help you fully understand building permit requirements and do everything possible to ensure the smooth progress of your entire project. 

If you are meeting your Building Surveyor for the first time at point of application, you are meeting them far too late

Put an extra arsenal in your pre-application process

If you are working with a Building Surveyor in the time leading up to your building permit application, they become more like a secret weapon than an enemy. They know both sides of the coin – what you want to build and what the law wants you to build. And this knowledge gives you a great deal of power and advantage.

As the old saying goes, you can’t fight city hall. But if you understand exactly what is required from you in your permit application and are expertly and thoroughly prepared – you won’t have to.

KWA is one of few Building Surveying companies to offer thorough pre-application advice

This unique and exclusive service saves you untold time and money as you pre-empt planning, legislation and regulatory problems well before building permit application time.

You can also learn of any commercial exemptions or concessions you are eligible for well in advance so that your building permit application process is fast, efficient and economical. 

Get in touch with us today to make sure your pre-application process prepares you for a smooth and trouble free application.