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Building Permit Service

Pre-empt building permit service essentials during your design phase

There is no greater way to save time and money than to research and plan ahead during your design phase. Whether you are employing an architect, building designer or draftsperson, you don’t want to waste their time or yours by having plans drawn up that won’t pass building regulations.

If the designs follow building regulations isn’t that enough?

Unfortunately building regulations do not always cover the multitude of structural, regulatory and legislative issues that might come up during building permit service processes. Good architects and designers are undoubtedly experts in their field. They will design a building that is structurally sound and appropriate to its commercial or domestic intentions. 

However it is unreasonable to expect that even the best architects, draftpersons and building designers will have comprehensive knowledge of the complex and ever changing field of building regulations. Quite simply, because it’s not their job. It’s ours.

Building Surveyors look at your designs from a unique perspective. While an architect is looking at space and light, a builder is looking at structure and you are looking at your future, Building Surveyors are looking at rules and regulations. To you, this probably doesn’t sound like a fun job. So what a relief it is to know that the best Building Surveyors love what they do.

A good Building Surveyor is like a cross between a lawyer, an auditor and a coach

They do all the ‘dirty’ work (checking details, crossing t’s and dotting i’s) so you don’t have to. They know how to talk the language of architects, draftpersons and designers. And they know how best to prepare you and your designs when it comes to building inspection time.

  • An eye for detail that will pick up any areas of concern in your design
  • An impeccable memory for legislation, regulations, bills, codes and zones
  • The resources, skills and connections to investigate anything they or you are uncertain about
  • The time and patience to check and re-check design details

Having these skills in the room during your design process takes the pressure off you and the rest of your design team.

With a KWA Building Surveyor on board you can get into the nitty gritty of your design process without getting bogged down in the administrative and legal process. It’s a decision that will bring you peace of mind.