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Building Permits

What are building permits and how do I know if I need one?

Building permits are documents that are issued by a Building Surveyor prior to the commencement of building. They signify that the Building Surveyor has examined all relevant documentation pertaining to a proposed building and approve this in relation to laws, building codes and regulations.

If you are building any kind of structure in Victoria it is likely you will require a building permit. There are some exemptions but not many. To clarify whether you need a building permit for your proposed project, contact us.

There are severe penalties for building in Victoria without a building permit. You can be issued with a substantial fine so make sure it is one of the first things on your TO DO list if you are planning on building a structure of any kind.

What is involved in obtaining building permits?

You must apply to a Building Surveyor (either private or local government) with the following:

  • An application form (available here)
  • Your application fee
  • Sufficient documentation, including drawings, specifications and allotment plans

Why are building permits necessary?

Much as some people believe building permits are designed to cause stress and hold up building plans, they actually exist to increase and protect the integrity of buildings and the safety of occupants and the general public.

Building permits not only maintain standards of building safety, they are part of a process and system that constantly seeks to improve this safety, along with constructions standards and maintenance levels.

How long does it take to get issued with a building permit?

Time frames are tailored to suit your needs.  With a well prepared application, compliant drawings and specifications, we can assess a building permit application in a matter of days. This can vary so contact us for an accurate timeline for your project.

This includes attending to extra considerations such as:

  • Flood terrain
  • Bushfire site assessment
  • Termite areas

How do I make sure my building permit application goes smoothly?

The best way to ensure you get your building permit on time, in plenty of time to start your project, is to work with a Building Surveyor well in advance of application.

A Building Surveyor knows the ins and outs of building regulations, for building permits, plans, designs and drawings. The more they know about your project the more they will be able to help you prepare for a swift and painless application.

Building Surveyors are not examiners. It is not our job to test your knowledge of the building industry. It is our job to help you get your structure built. At KWA we see ourselves as liaising between all parties in the building process (owner builders, architects, draftpersons, builders and other contractors, developers, local government).

So whether your project is commercial or domestic our job is to make your building process smooth. Please get in touch and have a chat about your project. There are a whole lot of things we know about building permits that you don’t. So take advantage of our knowledge and fast track your project to a timely completion.