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Building Risk Assessment

Why a building risk assessment is as important as building design

It is tempting to get carried away with excitement when designing or building a commercial property or house. Whether you are a developer, builder, or owner builder once you have your land and your finance you want to get started.

No matter how complex or simple your proposed building is, it starts with a design. And your design should start AFTER a consultation with a trusted Building Surveyor. Because there is no faster way to stall your building project, than to arrive at building permit stage and discover your designs do not comply with building regulations.

Are you familiar with the language of architects and building designers?

‘No’ is the common and reasonable answer to this question. They are highly skilled experts in their field. But that doesn’t always translate to easy communication about the technical aspects of building and design. Or the finer points of building risk assessment – even if you are a professional builder or developer.

Which is why it can be very helpful to have a Building Surveyor as part of your design team. Building Surveyors commonly act as interpreters between the various building professionals. Because – quite simply – we have to know more than anyone about building regulations and building risk assessment.

A Building Surveyor can give you a list of questions and requirements to present to your architect or building designer. Alternatively they can attend your design meetings and make a note of any area that may impact on you successfully and smoothly obtaining a building permit.

What is the language of building regulation and legislation?

This is even more crucial and the compelling reason WHY you should have a Building Surveyor on board very early in your planning and design phase. Thorough knowledge of the industry, regulations, legislation and building risk assessment means a Building Surveyor can trouble shoot problems early and alert you to potential issues.

As the Owner of a building site, the Building Surveyor works for YOU. It is in our interest to save you time and money and get your project completed with minimal building regulatory impact.

So make the first step in your design process a call to KWA and let us solve problems you didn’t even know existed and help fast track your project through the building permit process, or look at our applications.