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What are the mandatory building inspections?

There are mandatory building inspections involved in commercial and residential building projects. (The number will vary depending on your project and will be listed on your building permit)

The most common building inspections are:

  • Foundations
    Includes blinding, stumpholes, pads and prior to poly and steel
  • Prior to pouring concrete
    Includes suspended slabs and structural insitu pours.
  • Framework
    Includes sub-floor framing, walls, roof for both steel and timber structures or a combination thereof.
  • Final
    Inspects completion of work and issues a Certificate of Final Inspection and/or Occupancy Permit

Are there other hidden or unexpected inspections?

You may be required to have other inspections along the way, or your Building Surveyor may recommend certain inspections. But these will not come out of the blue if you are working with a skilled Building Surveyor. Close consultation will ensure you understand every step in the process. And some extra inspections are designed to assist you. For example, KWA offers a specialist service of a pre-final inspection.

This unique building inspections service means that you will learn exactly what needs to be done before your final inspection including informing you of the relevant certificates to be submitted. This helps ensure that your final inspection goes smoothly and you receive your occupancy permit and/or certificate of final inspection. There is no greater frustration with your project, than to think you are in the final stages of building and inspection and then to have problems arise at final inspection.

What is the fee involved for a building inspection?

Fees vary depending on the inspection, site location and the Building Surveyor you are employing. As with any industry, beware Building Surveyors who offer extremely cheap rates and extremely scant detail. There is likely to be hidden costs.

KWA offers you genuine value for money. We will quote a fixed price for all of our charges and inspection fees that are apparent at the start of a project. If extra inspections are called for along the way we will inform you with ample time and information so you always know exactly where you stand.