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Ken Weir

Ken Weir

Qualified and registered Building Surveyor/Building Inspector

Building Surveying is a tough profession to obtain qualification but being qualified is not enough for Building Surveyors in this litigious industry. Continuing professional development and our quality assurance within KWA is what separates us from so many of our competitors.

I am proud to say we have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars over the years with sound and economical Regulation advice (e.g. deletion of sprinklers, design restrictions so as to be exempt from the Town Planning process).Everyday is a new challenge and never the same.

It gives me great satisfaction when a project is completed knowing the building complies now and for future owners and that we have made every attempt to save the building owner money and still comply with the regulations.

I met my wife Vanessa at Horsham Show competing (equestrian) show jumping. Together we have developed a purpose breeding program which includes breaking, training and competing in show jumping. We travel the length and breadth of the state competing throughout the year. Being active in mind and body is what we are and why after all theses years are still passionate about our business, sport and each other.