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Stay ahead of your timelines with the best building and construction permit experts around

Building a house, commercial property or major development is complicated enough. You want to do anything possible to reduce your stress and streamline the process. Working with a Building Surveying service such as KWA puts someone in the know well and truly on your side.

The most daunting aspect of any building project is undoubtedly the rules, regulations and legislation. These things aren’t fun - the way that design is. And they are not concrete, visible and easy to grasp – the way that the actual building process it. These aspects to building are convoluted, complicated and can be almost impossible to work out unless you are an industry expert.

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  • Owner Builders

    Find out everything you need to know and how to get expert assistance and advice every step of the way.

  • Builders & Developers

    Make sure your building permit process happens quickly, efficiently and accurately without corners being cut.

  • Architects & Designers

    Add significant value to your service and to your clients by including building regulation expertise into your designs.

Why Choose Us

This might be your first building project. Or you may be a seasoned professional. Whether you are an owner builder, architect, designer, developer or builder insufficient attention to your building permit will cost you dearly.

Fortunately, getting it right is easy and painless. Get a Building Surveyor and building permit expert on your team right from the start and see your stress fall away.

It’s a relationship that will cover not only your building permit but a wealth of other advice, services and legal requirements. More importantly it will give you peace of mind and the invaluable asset of an expert interpreter between your project and the world of legislation.

Get your project finished on time

It’s the most common story associated with building projects – both domestic and commercial. Timelines stretch, causing budgets to blow out. You can reduce this problem by engaging an experienced and expert Building Surveyor right from the start of your project.

It is an equally common misconception that Building Surveyors simply issue you with a building permit and have nothing else to do with your project. A good Building Surveyor can be one of your most valuable assets and allies. They can:

  • Advise you about all aspects of building regulations and codes
  • Advise necessary letters and documentation from local council
  • Act as a liaison between the different parties involved on a project (including developers, builders, architects, designers and owner builders)